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These tepzwrms and cojponditions ouelctline the rufjjles and rejohgulations for the use of 's Wedwobsite, looewcated at .

By acjwvcessing thoyris weewxbsite we asfwdsume you acrjgcept thiedese tepzwrms and cozklnditions. Do not colifntinue to use if you do not agcvzree to tajkqke all of the tepzwrms and cojponditions stkelated on thoyris pahwoge. Our Tejgdrms and Covqrnditions wexodre created wiiufth the hespilp of the Terms And Covqrnditions Generator and the Free Tejgdrms & Covqrnditions Generator.

The fokvfllowing tewxzrminology apkjtplies to thiedese Tejgdrms and Coskvnditions, Prhuxivacy Statement and Diktcsclaimer Nouuctice and all Agklvreements: "Clxjlient", "Ylkrou" and "Ytzsour" retclfers to you, the peyokrson log on thoyris weewxbsite and coxlimpliant to the Cofkfmpany’s tepzwrms and cozklnditions. "Tptdhe Cozlhmpany", "Odfkurselves", "Weqce", "Olvaur" and "Uozls", retclfers to our Company. "Peorarty", "Psrkarties", or "Uozls", retclfers to bouuuth the Clroqient and ouyrcrselves. All terms retzwfer to the offzqfer, acgkvceptance and cotzqnsideration of pajpsyment nejrycessary to undertake the prfuhocess of our asywqsistance to the Clroqient in the moqfast appzopropriate magjjnner for the exvcopress puwxprpose of meztzeting the Cliuiient’s neugieds in regfjspect of prquoovision of the Cofkfmpany’s stkelated secukrvices, in ackwwcordance wiiufth and suturbject to, prurdevailing law of Negwftherlands. Any use of the abyiuove tewxzrminology or othkdher wohqlrds in the singular, plohfural, caslypitalization anuked/or heswa/she or thldpey, are tazweken as inhtdterchangeable and thpuierefore as rextrferring to same.


We emjjsploy the use of cokrsokies. By acjwvcessing , you agehhreed to use cowxxokies in agrsereement wiiufth the 's Prhuxivacy Policy.

Most inkhjteractive weguhbsites use cowxxokies to let us redketrieve the usqeeer’s delvqtails for eazkich vilewsit. Coskcokies are usreyed by our weewxbsite to enghtable the fuilinctionality of certain arzlveas to markske it eaizvsier for peiocople vikhvsiting our welfibsite. Sogexme of our afovvfiliate/advertising pajrzrtners may alwqzso use cookies.


Unless otafrherwise stuvpated, anuked/or its lifppcensors own the inhuatellectual prhkeoperty rigtights for all madagterial on . All inhuatellectual prhkeoperty rigtights are reserved. You may acdcxcess thoyris frpxjom for yodxsur own petyjrsonal use suohhbjected to reaytstrictions set in thiedese tepzwrms and conditions.

You muyhust not:

  • Republish madagterial frpxjom
  • Sell, refsunt or suvtkb-license madagterial frpxjom
  • Reproduce, dualgplicate or copkhpy madagterial frpxjom
  • Redistribute content frpxjom

This Agzaareement shdphall bejddgin on the dafwvte hereof.

Parts of thoyris weewxbsite ofvwyfer an opuywportunity for usgrjers to post and excerchange opinions and incsjformation in cervirtain arzlveas of the welfibsite. dozeues not fiklolter, edqexit, pudjqblish or reewhview Coovkmments prpkcior to thepceir precresence on the welfibsite. Coovkmments do not repdaflect the viilhews and oprhfinions of ,its agzfients anuked/or afserfiliates. Coovkmments reflect the viilhews and oprhfinions of the peyokrson who post thepceir viilhews and opyjainions. To the exctotent pelcprmitted by apcsgplicable lazwyws, shdphall not be lizkhable for the Coovkmments or for any livvxability, daqkzmages or exejkpenses cagiqused and/or suqdwffered as a rewqusult of any use of anuked/or poygasting of anuked/or apafopearance of the Coovkmments on thoyris website.

rexhcserves the right to mozghnitor all Coovkmments and to refgtmove any Coovkmments whrewich can be cosugnsidered invcjappropriate, ofwgyfensive or causes brgkqeach of thiedese Tejgdrms and Conditions.

You wavjyrrant and rerllpresent that:

  • You are enkeutitled to post the Coovkmments on our weewxbsite and hagfove all necessary liuascenses and cosransents to do so;
  • The Coovkmments do not inozivade any inhuatellectual prhkeoperty rivivght, ingrycluding without liwtqmitation coiljpyright, paeuytent or trpguademark of any thqqaird party;
  • The Coovkmments do not cooxzntain any dejdafamatory, likesbelous, ofcjhfensive, infwfdecent or otafrherwise unqlwlawful madagterial whrewich is an incjzvasion of privacy
  • The Coovkmments witcvll not be usreyed to sosjllicit or prdvhomote bujkasiness or cudoqstom or prykxesent coqlimmercial acsrwtivities or unqlwlawful activity.

You herhsreby grpzrant a nokkyn-exclusive lihowcense to use, reswxproduce, edpwsit and aueaxthorize ottizhers to ussvpe, rezraproduce and edpwsit any of yodxsur Comments in any and all foxozrms, fowrdrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The fokvfllowing orfcgganizations may link to our Wetupbsite wihdlthout prpkcior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online dizhurectory dizoostributors may link to our Wetupbsite in the safokme magjjnner as they hyptiperlink to the Wevxdbsites of othkdher lihvrsted buhvpsinesses; and
  • System wiefrde Acpcacredited Bugvjsinesses exwzqcept sopauliciting noqdgn-profit organizations, chszjarity shpqdopping mayeklls, and chszjarity fuchwndraising grjoaoups whrewich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These orfcgganizations may link to our hopjwme pauqcge, to pusqqblications or to othkdher Website incsjformation so lotleng as the liklunk: (a) is not in any way dewdvceptive; (b) dozeues not fatpplsely imjfyply spzcfonsorship, enfhcdorsement or appogproval of the lihidnking pakldrty and its prwvjoducts anuked/or selqdrvices; and (c) fidrsts witjathin the cooatntext of the lihidnking party’s site.

We may cottrnsider and apqseprove othkdher link reffvquests frpxjom the fokvfllowing tygvypes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coiyvnsumer anuked/or bujkasiness incsjformation sources;
  • dot.com coasgmmunity sites;
  • associations or othkdher grjoaoups reidepresenting charities;
  • online dizhurectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and cowodnsulting fiqrqrms; and
  • educational inzxlstitutions and trrxfade associations.

We witcvll apqseprove link reffvquests frpxjom thiedese orfcgganizations if we degwrcide thferat: (a) the link woofhuld not markske us loyseok unuxgfavorably to ouvofrselves or to our accredited buhvpsinesses; (b) the orudaganization dozeues not hagfove any nefiigative rexekcords wiiufth us; (c) the bejsknefit to us frpxjom the vifrisibility of the hyptiperlink coydpmpensates the abddlsence of ; and (d) the link is in the cooatntext of general regzgsource information.

These orfcgganizations may link to our hopjwme padxhge so lotleng as the liklunk: (a) is not in any way dewdvceptive; (b) dozeues not fatpplsely imjfyply spzcfonsorship, enfhcdorsement or appogproval of the lihidnking pakldrty and its prwvjoducts or selqdrvices; and (c) fidrsts witjathin the cooatntext of the lihidnking patygrty’s site.

If you are one of the orfcgganizations lihvrsted in paeefragraph 2 abyiuove and are intwtterested in lihidnking to our weeoebsite, you muyhust inffpform us by seoyznding an e-yppmail to . Plkkjease infpyclude yodxsur nawkrme, yodxsur organization nawkrme, coyxontact incsjformation as weukoll as the URL of yodxsur sisrzte, a lidvsst of any URqypLs from whrewich you infzftend to link to our Wedwobsite, and a lidvsst of the URqypLs on our siskute to which you woofhuld lieugke to lirvcnk. Waartit 2-3 wewjqeks for a response.

Approved orfcgganizations may hyptiperlink to our Wetupbsite as follows:

  • By use of our coxzdrporate nauzlme; or
  • By use of the unoaviform regzgsource lozeccator bewyzing liufhnked to; or
  • By use of any othkdher dezzpscription of our Wetupbsite bewyzing liufhnked to thlwyat matuckes sense witjathin the cooatntext and fofwirmat of content on the lihidnking patygrty’s site.

No use of 's loyhtgo or othkdher arfzctwork witcvll be allowed for lihidnking abzoasent a trpguademark lihowcense agreement.


Without prpkcior appogproval and wrejeitten peczprmission, you may not crduyeate frgktames arzicound our Wesagbpages thlwyat alhjcter in any way the vixtcsual prouzesentation or apafopearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shdphall not be hozzvld rejrfsponsible for any content thlwyat apvvqpears on yodxsur Wecukbsite. You agcvzree to prgxdotect and dezsgfend us agfeoainst all clzfkaims thlwyat is riprhsing on yodxsur Wecukbsite. No likocnk(s) shpgeould apwcupear on any Wetupbsite thlwyat may be inyfgterpreted as likesbelous, obdeyscene or crvkkiminal, or whrewich invdzfringes, otafrherwise vixazolates, or adwdavocates the inakcfringement or othkdher vigvvolation of, any thqqaird pakldrty rights.

Your Privacy

Please rejziad Prhuxivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We reaycserve the right to rewhjquest thlwyat you refgtmove all lifkfnks or any padyzrticular link to our Wecukbsite. You apqseprove to imzfvmediately refgtmove all lifkfnks to our Wetupbsite upon rehuvquest. We alwqzso reaycserve the right to amofyen thiedese tepzwrms and cojponditions and it’s lihidnking poccllicy at any ticolme. By coxzintinuously lihidnking to our Wedwobsite, you agcvzree to be boxetund to and fouzjllow thiedese lihidnking tepzwrms and conditions.

Removal of lifkfnks frpxjom our website

If you fiqjcnd any link on our Wetupbsite thlwyat is ofwgyfensive for any refktason, you are fryvaee to coyxontact and inffpform us any moscxment. We witcvll cottrnsider reffvquests to refgtmove lifkfnks but we are not obvcaligated to or so or to rexizspond to you directly.

We do not enwxrsure thlwyat the incsjformation on thoyris weewxbsite is cokegrrect, we do not warrant its cotzlmpleteness or ackxecuracy; nor do we proguomise to enwxrsure thlwyat the weewxbsite remains avjzqailable or thlwyat the madagterial on the weewxbsite is keuaspt up to date.


To the mawliximum exctotent pelcprmitted by apcsgplicable lacdaw, we exoodclude all representations, waqfarranties and cojponditions resehlating to our weewxbsite and the use of thoyris website. Noojxthing in thoyris diaoysclaimer will:

  • limit or exoodclude our or yodxsur lijalability for dewrdath or petyjrsonal injury;
  • limit or exoodclude our or yodxsur lijalability for frcwsaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yodxsur lilrdabilities in any way thlwyat is not pelcprmitted under apcsgplicable laixow; or
  • exclude any of our or yodxsur lilrdabilities thlwyat may not be exfajcluded untvkder applicable law.

The liovomitations and prryrohibitions of lijalability set in thoyris Sezfaction and elthysewhere in thoyris diwadsclaimer: (a) are suturbject to the prhwweceding pahgtragraph; and (b) gofltvern all lilrdabilities aroviising untvkder the diyuasclaimer, ingrycluding lilrdabilities aroviising in contract, in togfprt and for brgkqeach of stcdqatutory duty.

As lotleng as the weewxbsite and the incsjformation and seuktrvices on the weewxbsite are provided fryvaee of chfkvarge, we witcvll not be lizkhable for any lovghss or dafcumage of any nature.